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Assalamualaykum Colleagues,
Certification Training in Islamic Psychology
After our strategic planning and discussion session with Dr Abdallah Rothman, Director of the IAIP, it was agreed that because of the worldwide demand, there will be online training for level 1 certification only.

Certification 2 will be in- person training and clinical supervision for practitioners will be discussed after level 2 training has been successfully completed. Unfortunately, though, Dr Malik Badri was supposed to have been involved in the online training for level 1, and as a result of his passing the training has therefore been delayed.

Once we have been given the go ahead and training dates have been finalised by the IAIP, we at the South African Institute of Islamically Integrated Wellness (SAIIIW) will communicate with all our South African colleagues regarding course details, course content, course duration as well as registration and payment processes.

Please also note that there will be other courses in different areas which will have an Islamic Psychology focus offered by SAIIIW in affiliation with the IAIP.

We are so overwhelmed by your interest in the field of Islamic Psychology and would love to see you all grow and develop within this field.

Jazakallah khair


Shaakirah Dockrat Boda and Juraida Latif

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