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Counselling Services

Once someone makes an appointment for counselling/therapy services, he/she is scheduled for an intake session that is based on understanding
the presenting problem and the historical background of the individual. The first session is an exploratory session and is not counselling. It is an
opportunity for the therapist/counsellor to determine whether the client is appropriate for counselling and to collaboratively structure a treatment
plan guided by the counsellor/therapist.

• Usually at the end of the intake session, recommendations are made as to how to proceed. The first counselling session, after intake often
involves building the counselling relationship between client and therapist and determining a treatment plan.

• All case history and content is kept strictly confidential. The case details are only discussed within the interdisciplinary team and supervision for
the purposes of providing the best solution.

Types of Counselling
-Career Counselling
-Pre and Post Marital Counselling

• Types of Issues we work with:
-Personality problems
-Adjustment problems
-Marital conflict
-Family conflict
-Social phobias, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc.
-Loss, Grief
-Personal/spiritual growth
-work/life balance
Organisational Development

-OD Diagnosis
-Various OD initiatives

Religious consultations

-This service is designed to offer religious awareness, education and religious rulings (fatwas) regarding individuals with mental health or
family concerns. At times, people with mental health concerns have religious dispensations, rights, or privileges that are consequential to
their mental health.

Contact: Sheikh Salama Sayed has BA degree majoring in Tafseer, Islamic Psychology and Tarbeeya from the University of Zagazig in Egypt.
He has been practicing as a Da’ee for over 30 years and is well know on the local Islamic Television Station in South Africa for his hosting of
the programme called Imaniyaat.

Integrated Wellness Services

• Cupping
• Tibb
• Sunnah Sports
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